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Global Recordings Network (GRN)

We produce a range of audio and audio-visual  materials  for evangelism and Bible teaching.  All are supplied at or below cost, subsidized by the gifts of God’s people.

Our teams of Recordists around the world specialise in language recording. If we do not have recorded materials in the language of the people with whom you are working, we can help prepare suitable recordings.
One of our Recordists may be located in your area, or could travel to your area to record the materials at a suitable time. We may not always be able to respond immediately, but your request will not be ignored. We are also willing to assist you in making your own recordings.

Please  contact us  with requests for new recordings, particularly in languages which are currently unrecorded and for which you have suitable language helpers.


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1/36 Stoddart Road
Prospect NSW 2148

Phone: 02 9899 2211