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Whole In One Communion

We are a small business in Sydney providing prefilled communion cups, to help churches simplify the logistics of holy communion preparation. We initially saw a need for a more hygienic way of serving communion for our local church, so we began making these prefilled communion cups. In the beginning of 2017, we started selling our communion cups online.

Our prefilled communion cups contain round altar bread and blackcurrant juice in one small package. A gluten free option is now also available. It reduces preparation time and avoids the messy spills. These cups are suitable for use at small home gatherings and Sunday worship services. They are especially great for larger conferences where the logistics of serving holy communion are more challenging and time consuming.

We keep our prices low, so that they are affordable. Being manufactured locally in Australia, we can deliver quickly without having to rely on stock supplies from overseas.

Address: U19, 593 Withers Road, Rouse Hill, NSW 2155

Phone: 02 8379 2971

Website: https://whole-in-one.com.au/