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Streams International Prophetic Church

Streams International Prophetic Church is a church where we believe that God is still speaking today. The God who we read about, who spoke in Bible times, both in the old and New Testament is speaking to men and women like us today.

The Bible is a recording of miracles, and the supernatural. At Streams International Prophetic Church, we do not settle for anything less than the reality of the faith that the Lord Jesus Christ introduced to us when He was on earth. He talked of the coming of the Holy Spirit as our guide, teacher and helper. He talked about what believers in Him would be able to do: Speaking in tongues, healing, and supernatural protection. So that is what we pursue and that’s what we do.

At this church you will experience:

  • Prophetic Revelational Teachings (Expositional)
  • Personal Prophecies
  • Healing & Deliverance
  • Breakthroughs
  • Heavenly Worship
  • Love, Acceptance and Fellowship

Services are on campus and online.

Streams International Prophetic church is a multicultural church, welcoming members from all cultures: Australia, Asia Pacific, Africa, South America, Asia, etc. 

Streams International Prophetic Church is a church that started in Townsville in North Queensland in 2007. Now it has campuses in Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide in Australia, and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

The church was founded by Prophet Gerald Nyasulu, Ph.D. who is the Senior Pastor and overseer of the church. He ministers alongside his wife, Ulemu Gabriella Nyasulu. Together they have three lovely boys.

74 Lee Holm Road
St Marys NSW 2179

Phone: 1300 361 971