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St Peter’s Anglican Primary School

St Peter’s Anglican Primary School has a long history of excellence. Excellence in Christian Education, Music, Academia and Sporting avenues. Students at St Peter’s are known, are cared for and valued as individuals. Students learn best when they are engaged and stimulated to want to learn. The relationship that staff have with students is vital.

We pray that, above all else, our students will know the Gospel message and have the opportunity to follow Jesus. Faith at St Peter’s is real and modelled by deeply committed Christian staff. The Biblical values that follow from Christian belief are motivated by goodness and hope, so we trust our students will learn through this to grow in faith, to serve our God and consider the needs of others not just self.

Our curriculum is carefully structured to cater for the diverse social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our students. We place strong emphasis on a well-rounded education that is differentiated to meet the individual needs of students. Comprehensive learning support and enrichment programs are in place to extend the differentiation that takes place in the classroom.

There are numerous co-curricular activities and clubs offered at St Peter’s, interested students have many avenues to pursue specific gifts and interests outside of the classroom.

5 Howe Street
Campbelltown NSW 2560

Phone: 02 4627 2990