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Southern Highlands Christian School

Southern Highlands Christian School: A case for Distinctive Christian Education

People often ask, Why Christian schooling?

And they should, it is an important question.

It is a question about raising a new generation.

Christian education is different from other approaches to education. It  requires a distinctive understanding of the world. It requires of us to look at what the Bible says about educating our children. Standing firm in the knowledge that each of us play a unique part in the great unfolding plan of God’s big story as it is told in the Bible. In the knowledge that He is the Creator of all things, and created us in His image as His representatives on earth.

It is within this big story of God, that Christians position education. Submitting schooling and all its endeavours to God’s vision. Challenging students to celebrate the Lordship of Christ over all creation and inspire them with courage, conviction and creativity to shape the world in which they live based on shared values, beliefs and customs.

To achieve this, a Christian approach to education transposes the question “Why do we study what we study?” to “What difference does attention to the various components of the curriculum make in our efforts to learn more about our triune God, understand who we are, what we should value and how we might live our lives?” Within the areas of their expertise, our capable teachers attempt to steadily and cumulatively start age appropriate conversations to stimulate not only the intellectual learning proses, but also the gradual exercise of practical skills, within their areas of expertise. Creating a culture of academic excellence along the way from Prep to Year 12.

And we know that these conversations are embodied within relationship, and relationships are best worked out in community. At Southern Highlands Christian School, our community has been thriving for over 35 years and we are proud of the fact that many of our former students enrol their own children at the School, desiring the same blessings and experience they received.

A flagship endeavour is our extensively redesigned Prep – Year 12 Biblical Studies program, offering continuity and fusion across school grades. The curriculum seeks to address the issues and challenges of a modern world through the enduring relevancy of the Christian faith. Radiating outwards are our Chaplaincy programs, such as our senior student community service activities, along with the annual local, national and international mission trips to Sydney, the Outback and Vanuatu.

The result: young men and women well versed in the Christian way of living. Not only equipped for a lifetime of learning through academic excellence, but a lifetime of faithful servanthood as they are encouraged to develop a robust, biblical and relevant faith in our great God.

In short, at SHCS,

we declare to know God and serve Him!

We dare to exemplify a Head commitment to creative academic excellence.

We care to maintain a Heart commitment to contouring character and conviction.

We share a Hand commitment to collaboration and experiencing community.


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