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Salvos Funerals

The Salvos are committed to providing compassion and care to those in grief. We are a community of people passionate about caring for others through these challenging times and providing funeral services that reflect that strength and comfort.

We care for all and assist with specific cultural, religious or family requirements. We can also provide you with personnel who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish and French.

We provide real value for quality service. To reduce our costs, we work with trusted partners who provide some of our products and services, as needed.

We are always here to help you. You can call us at any time. If a loved one has passed away, we’ll coordinate the process to bring them into our care and support you in providing a funeral that best reflects your love.

Many people like the idea of supporting the work of the Salvos rather than a private individual or shareholders. By choosing to be cared for by us, you will be supporting the valuable broader work of the Salvos in the community.

From the first contact with Salvos Funerals we are there to guide you through the process, not to tell you what you to do.

Contact us in Sydney or Central Coast.

Phone: (02) 9119 9010 / (02) 4300 3023