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Detailing Shed

We are a small Australian owned and operated business.
Our Passion is to provide the best customer service to all our customers on our store.
We also source the Best Car Detailing products in Australia.

Products are hand picked for quality and durability.

We provide Products for old and new cars.

Excellent advise on looking after your new car that have ceramic coated, or just looking after your any car.


Weekly washing

Wash/ Dry: Shampoos, Dryings Microfibre cloths, Blow dryers

Quarterly Decontamination products – see decontamination heading for more info.

Polishing products:  DIY or Pro – Lighting, Polish machines, polishing compounds

Pressure washers: starting at $369.90  to custom packages to $3-$4K including Accessories.

Phone: 02 9527 1850