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Back to School: Advice, Support & Wellbeing

Back-to-School Plan: “We’re Committed” Says the NSW Government

The NSW Premier unveiled the Government’s pathway to ongoing classroom learning, with hope for minimum disruption. Read more…

School students wearing a face mask in the classroom

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Preparing Your Child for “Big School” – Advice From Childhood Psychologist

Childhood psychologist Dr Kaylene Henderson shared some practical tips to make the transition a little easier for parents and children alike. Read more…

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If Your Child is Anxious About Returning to School It Might Not Be COVID-Related

For many students, school means hanging with friends, and discovering one’s passion. But for some, it’s a lonely and isolating place. Read more…

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“It’s Time to Put Children First” Says National Children’s Commissioner

After two years of uncertainty and disruption, Commissioner Hollonds said it is time to put the needs and mental wellbeing of children first. Read more…

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