Radio Hopefuls, Enrol Now: The Radio Jedi Masterclass – Hope 103.2

Radio Hopefuls, Enrol Now:
The Radio Jedi Masterclass

By Linda LouFriday 31 Mar 2017

The force is strong in you…but training you seek. Sound like you? Then the Radio Jedi Masterclass, ‘Content Yoda’, is where you need to be.

This one-day course is your opportunity to enhance your radio skills and learn from the best local and International Yodas in the content business. Your wise teachers will include Hope 103.2’s Katrina Roe, author and Open House founder Sheridan Voysey, and the irrepressible Youtube master Josh Hawkins.

Sessions cover topics including:

  • Harnessing the extreme power in your personality
  • The keys to master compelling story telling
  • Blending social and on-air content to maximise community engagement
  • How on-air and online can collide to maximise donations for the cause

Masterclass Dates:

  • Melbourne on the 11 May 2017 and
  • Sydney on the 12 May 2017

Register Today and SAVE!

Enrol before Easter for an early bird discount PLUS receive an additional 15% off by using the promo code RADIO.


Register for this exclusive radio masterclass on the Radio Jedi website

“Much to learn you still have…This is just the beginning!” (Yoda)

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