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Laura & Duncan’s Great Stock Photo Challenge

By Clare BruceFriday 3 Mar 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Are you in charge of your school newsletter, church news video, or the Powerpoint slides at youth group? Do you love a good stock photo to illustrate a scene?

If that’s you, it’s time to get creative with Laura & Duncan’s sophisticated stock photos.

Below, we offer you images of your breakfast hosts in all kinds of everyday scenarios: sharing tea in the courtyard, chatting on a lunch break, reading the word at Bible study, handing out the church bulletin, and sealing some major corporate deals in the office.

So lifelike… So natural… So…stocky.

How to Enter the Great Stock Photo Challenge

Here’s how it works: if you can utilise one of the photos in a newsletter, a video, or in a slide on your school or church big screen – and send us a photo or video to prove it – we will get you sorted with a coveted prize: a packet of Laura & Duncan’s bespoke wet wipes.

Download the Laura and Duncan High-Res Stock Photo Pack now – and get to work! Then, when you’re ready, just upload your entry on the form below.

#OnceInALifetimeOpportunity #WhoWouldn’tWantaPacketofWetwipes

(Here’s the thumbnails to get your creativity flowing… )

Laura and Duncan on Greeting Roster Laura and Duncan Bible Study

Laura and Duncan Corporate Bosses Laura and Duncan Wheel and Deal

Laura and Duncan KPI's Laura and Duncan Whiteboard

Laura and Duncan Chat Laura and Duncan D&M

Laura and Duncan Coffee Break Laura and Duncan LOL

Download The Laura and Duncan High-Res Stock Photo Pack 


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