It’s Fans and Icepacks for Emma Mullings, as Baby Israelle Comes Home in a Heatwave – Hope 103.2

It’s Fans and Icepacks for Emma Mullings, as Baby Israelle Comes Home in a Heatwave

By Clare BruceThursday 16 Feb 2017Hope Mornings

Listen: Emma Mullings chats to Katrina Roe about the birth of her new bub. Above: Emma with baby Israelle on the day of her birth. All photos by The First Hello

The Mullings family are besotted after the arrival of their newcomer, little baby Israelle, born after eight hours of labour on the afternoon of February 2.

Israelle Charlotte Hope is the third child for former Hope 103.2 announcer Emma Mullings and her hubby Terrence, and a little sister to Hosannah and Jeremiah.

While Emma is feeling sleep-deprived, she told Katrina on Hope Mornings that she and her newborn are doing very well.

“She’s a big girl,” Emma told Katrina on Hope Mornings. “She was 4.2 kilos, 9 pound 3 in old school terminology. So that was a bit of a surprise! But she’s really well and really healthy.”

Israelle’s Name Inspired by the Bible

Baby Israelle Mullings, with big sister Hosannah, brother Jeremiah, and dad Terrence

From left: Big sister Hosannah, Baby Israelle Mullings, and brother Jeremiah with dad Terrence

Israelle’s name (pronounced Iz-Ray-Elle) was inspired by a verse in the Bible that jumped out at Emma in 2010. She’s held onto the name ever since, along with the middle names Hope and Charlotte (her grandmother’s name).

While many of Emma’s friends asked if ‘Hope’ was inspired by her employer Hope 103.2, she assured us it was a coincidence and not a sly method of guaranteeing her future job security.

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“I promise you it’s a coincidence,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to give our next little girl, if we ever had one, the middle name Hope. It’s such a powerful word. Hope, to me, is who Jesus is. He brings hope to me and to so many.”

Emma Mullings and family meeting baby Israelle

Hello! Emma’s kids Hosannah and Jeremiah meet baby Israelle for the first time.

With Israelle being her third child, Emma said she was feeling more confident this time around, and enjoying her third baby a little more.

“I know how to troubleshoot things now and it’s not so stressful.”

Pregnancy and bringing a baby home during one of Sydney’s hottest summers – with no air-conditioning – has brought out her resourcefulness: “We just closed all the doors and we have six fans…and icepacks.”

Baby Israelle Mullings, with big brother Jeremiah, and dad Terrence

Wonder: Israelle with big brother Jeremiah, and dad Terrence


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