GWS Giants 'Impressed' by Duncan’s Superstar Performance [Video] – Hope 103.2

GWS Giants ‘Impressed’ by Duncan’s Superstar Performance [Video]

By Caitlin OggFriday 24 Feb 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Quakers Hill Primary School kids were ecstatic after a special visit from GWS Giants players and the Hope 103.2 Breakfast team.

Recently a team of teachers took out a community match, run by the Australian Football League, giving their students a chance of a lifetime.

The students were given the opportunity to team up with GWS Giants players, Tendai M’Zungu, Matt Buntine and Erin Mckinnon, to take on their teachers in a game of AFL.

Joining the day of fun was Hope 103.2’s Breakfast guy Duncan part of the all-star team of students while Laura cheered on from the sideline.
After the game Laura and Duncan spent some time chatting with the players about Duncan’s performance, check out the highlights below.

Video: Highlights of Hope 103.2’s visit to Quakers Hill Primary School 

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