Laura & Dwayne's Weird Science Experiment with Jacob Strickling [video] – Hope 103.2

Laura & Dwayne’s Weird Science Experiment with Jacob Strickling [video]

By Andrew MorrisThursday 19 May 2016Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

The Hope brekky studio turned into a science lab this morning when science geek Jacob Strickling created some controlled chaos with Laura and Dwayne.

Youtube star Jacob Strickling whose Make Science Fun channel has made him into an internet sensation made everyone duck with his ‘Teddy Bear Canon’ and showed everyone watching on Hope’s Facebook live video feed how to make soft drink cans implode.

In other brekky news, Laura is well on the way to finding her new co-host. You can follow Laura’s Vlog to track the progress so far.

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