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Looking For A Good School? Look For Strong Relationships

By Stephen O'DohertyTuesday 6 Jun 2017Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

Listen: Dr Rob Loe in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty

Research is proving what every parent knows by gut feel — when the relationships in a school are healthy, children are happier and do better.

In fact, building a healthy set of relationships among students, among teachers, and between students and teachers, will reduce bullying, improve literacy and numeracy and reduce absenteeism.

Schools are complex organisations and relational culture has not been easy to quantify. That’s what makes the Relational Schools Project’s work so important.

The Project has developed a tool that measures the proximity of relationships across different groups in the school, and validated by research the link between those relationships and student outcomes.

Based in Cambridge, the Project is working with both public and non-state schools in the UK, using its methodology to help drive school improvement.

The principles that underpin the Project’s approach closely mirror Biblical principles of relationship.

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Now, Relational Schools has commenced a large scale project with Christian Schools Australia to compare results between this country and the UK.

On Open House we spoke with the Director of the Relational Schools Project, Dr Rob Loe.


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