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What Makes a Great Marriage? Karen Pang’s Advice

By Clare BruceThursday 20 Oct 2016

Listen: Karen Pang’s top tips for marriage.

After 16 years married to her husband Bruce, Karen Pang has learnt many things through the ups and downs – and health struggles – about what it takes to maintain a healthy marriage.

In a chat with Hope 103.2 that covered her 18 years as a Play School host, and her journey through bipolar disorder, Karen shared some of her own marriage tips. Her first and biggest piece of advice is to “accept each other for what you are”.

“A marriage can be strong when we both know that we are weak.”

“Understand and accept your weaknesses, know that we will make mistakes, and know what your origins are: and that is, that we are dust,” Karen says.

“We are creatures, not creator. We’ve got to remember that we’re frail. So give grace.”

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“We’re going to make mistakes, and that’s ok. He’s made us not just strong, but weak. You’ve got to sit with that, be able to hold that tension. A marriage can be strong when we both know that we are weak.”

She also encourages couples to look for the good in one another.

“Celebrate gifts and strength and be joyful in that, because they are blessings, and they are the things that will bind and uphold the marriage when those difficult times come.”

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