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Smacking Can Lead To Anti-Social Behaviour in Children

By Hope 103.2Friday 19 May 2017Hope Mornings

Smacking children is a divisive issue among parents and grandparents but new research released could put the argument to bed. The more a child is spanked the increased likelihood of antisocial behaviour, defiance of the parents, aggression and mental health problems. These are the findings from 50 years of research with 160 000 children by the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Michigan.

Dr Justin Coulson, a parenting expert and author of 9 Ways To A Resilient Child says it’s time we stop hitting our children. Coulson highlights that in any other setting hitting someone could lead to charges of assault or family violence. “Discipline means to teach and violence is a really lousy teacher,” says Coulson.

Listen to Katrina’s conversation with Dr Justin Coulson for his alternatives to smacking.


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