Intentionomics - Pointers to Prosperity

Intentionomics – Pointers to Prosperity

By Open HouseTuesday 17 Feb 2015Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

‘Intentionomics’ is not a word many have heard before, but it describes a psychological approach to dealing with life, purpose and prosperity. David Penglase, the founder of Intentionomics describes it as the economics or values of our intentions. 


Whilst studying for his masters in professional ethics, David wanted to know what it was that seems to be the consistent driver of everything that we do in our life, why our intentions matter so much and the impact of our intentions on our lives and those around us. Thus Intentionomics was born, assessing our intentions and acting them out. It all begins with articulating what you want in your life, what it is that would make your life meaningful if you had it – define what a prosperous life is for you. Then, take stock of where you are in your life; identify your life roles (mother, daughter, carer, or friend) and who you impact in each of these roles. Define your intention statement by asking yourself what you want for those people and how you can achieve this. Intentionomics then gives you practical steps to how you can act out your intention statement.

The thing that sets Intentionomics apart from other self-help programs is its strong scientific base. Rather than using myths such as if you believe strong enough your prosperous life will show up at your door, Intentionomics uses empirical research on proven techniques for acting out your intentions and motivations.

From a faith stand-point, research shows that people who have a higher sense of meaning, only given through God, have a sense of meaning in their life. This gives us an engagement with what’s beyond the now and also encourages us to reach out to those around us and actively work in their lives. David encourages us to be wary of who we let near our minds and not to let every promise of happiness into our lives, but Intentionomics give us goals to work towards, practical pointers to a flourishing life.

You can learn more about Intentionomics from David’s website or his book Intentionomics.

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