Kristina Keneally on Microfinance

By Katrina RoeTuesday 27 Sep 2011Hope Mornings

State Labor MP and former Premier Kristina Keneally has recently become an Ambassador for Opportunity International – a charity based on the principle of microfinance.

By providing small loans, from as little as $100, they help women in proverty to start a business, earn an income and provide for their family.

It’s been an incredibly successful model: so far they’ve been able to help more than 2 million clients and 97% of the loans have been repaid in full.

Here Kristina Keneally talks about how microfinance is transforming lives in India and how a small loan can make all the difference to the world’s poorest women.

Listen Now – Katrina Roe speaks with MP Krisitna Keneally.

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