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Peter Kearney:
Enduring Gospel Folkie

By Stephen O'DohertyTuesday 18 Jul 2017Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

Audio: Peter Kearney in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty

Peter Kearney is a self-described folkie whose music has inspired and enriched Christian worshipers for 45 years. An Australian pioneer of contemporary church music who still places an emphasis on “singable melodies and good lyrics,” he confesses to not being much of a fan of modern choruses.

But to generations of church goers, particularly of the Catholic tradition, his songs are at once familiar, accessible and personally meaningful.

Peter was encouraged to pursue the field of gospel music while still at University. His first well-known song, Fill My House, became a favourite with churches looking to break away from the very traditional forms of Catholic worship. Over a period of more than forty years, Peter has continued to write in the same tradition.

Peter Kearney joined Open House to look back on a lifetime of helping people, through music, make more of their worship experience.

More: Peter Kearney’s music can be found on Facebook, on his website, on iTunes, or on CD Baby.

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