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In Secular Society, Does Jesus Really Matter Any More?

By Clare BruceFriday 15 Jul 2016

Karl and Jane Faase chat to Dwayne Jeffries about their insightful new DVD series, ‘Jesus The Game Changer’

If it weren’t for Jesus of Nazareth, planet earth would be a radically different and far less pleasant place to live today—especially in Western society.

At least, that’s the argument of more than 30 thinkers, writers and international influencers who appear in a new DVD series called Jesus the Game Changer.

The 10-part series, produced by Christian media identity Karl Faase and Olive Tree Media, has been created as a challenge to the growing secular view that Christian faith is irrelevant – or even dangerous – to society. It’s a follow-up to their successful series Towards Belief.

In the series trailer, Karl Faase explains how fundamental Jesus is to modern Western culture.

“What people fail to grasp is that the values Western democracies are built on come from the teaching of Jesus,” he says. “Values such as the equality of all people, education for everyone, humility and service in leadership.”

Conversations With ‘Game Changers’ Around The World

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Over the past year Karl and his team have travelled to the USA, UK, India, Singapore and around Australia for the project—talking with academics, authors, researchers and ‘modern day game changers’ about how the life and teaching of Jesus and how these impacted the world.

Guests include the likes of writers John Ortberg, Paula Gooder, Mary Jo Sharp and biographer Eric Metaxas; as well as speakers and leaders like Hashim Garrett, John Anderson (Australia’s former deputy prime minister), Rico Tice, (All Souls London) and Christine Caine (A21) .

It also features great minds in modern-day theology and sociology such as Miroslav Volf and Rodney Stark; the latter who goes as far as saying, “Western civilisation would not exist had there not been Jesus.”

Not all of those interviewed are Christian, but all have one thing in common: they believe Jesus forever changed the world.

Jesus’ Impact on Equality, Welfare, Health Care, Human Rights

Karl Faase in India

Hope 103.2’s Dwayne Jeffries chatted with Karl and his wife Jane, who produced the series. In their conversation they explored a number of the areas of life that Jesus has influenced, such as equality, welfare and health care, and the rights of women and children.

Karl says that Jesus’s influence on how people view women and children was particularly radical, as he spoke his message in a time when they were considered second-class citizens, if not worthless.

Great For Churches, Small Groups And Seekers

Jesus the Game Changer - DVD Cover

The Jesus The Game Changer series is a valuable resource for churches, families and small groups, and comes with both a paperback discussion guide, and an App guide available both in itunes and Google Playstore to walk viewers through the episodes.

It’s designed as a great evangelistic resource to help those who aren’t believers but are considering Jesus and the Christian faith.

Jesus The Game Changer is available on DVD from Olive Tree Media, from Koorong bookstores, and also online as digital downloads.

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