LifeWords Q&A - Episode 53 – Hope 103.2

LifeWords Q&A – Episode 53

By David ReayMonday 23 May 2016Lifewords Q&A

This week on LifeWords Q&A David Reay discusses four questions.

  1. One of my favourite verses is Romans 8:1 which says we have no condemnation. Does that mean we ought never to feel guilty about what we do or say? Is it wrong to be guilty?
  2. Jesus seems to say that we are in trouble if all speak well of us, but then again the Bible seems to see us as people who are attractive to others. How do we reconcile these things?
  3. A member of my extended family has just become a Christian. He has been told he has to give up smoking because Christians shouldn’t smoke. How true is that?
  4. Do we take the story of Noah and his ark literally?

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