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God, the Scientist:
A Chat with Physicist, Dr Brian Miller

By Open HouseThursday 6 Oct 2016Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

The gap between faith and science is one many believe cannot be bridged, but physicist and global speaker Dr Brian Miller thoroughly disagrees, stating that the very laws of physics and science point toward a powerful, personal and involved God. 

He chatted to Dwayne Jeffries on Open House.

They explored how often people use creation as a way to disprove God’s existence. Brian believes that it depends on your approach to Genesis, either as an actual or figurative account, as to how science and God can fit together. If we see genesis as symbolic account of creation, the big bang matches with God speaking “let there be light.” Also, when looking at life now, we can see that everything is designed for the purpose of allowing life to exist which fits with the Christian message. Science even supports the notion of a world being in decay. Brian explained that “the picture of the universe is like a clock winding down”, all the useful energy of the universe (stars, etc.) will run out and life-less particles will float around in space.

In terms of science proving God’s existence, Brian gave a few pieces of evidence:

  • We know the universe had a beginning and therefore a creator that is outside of space and time.
  • The laws of physics were designed with life in mind, gravity is not too strong as to crush life but strong enough for planets to form. This shows that not only is the creator powerful but personal.
  • The laws of physics take order and create disorder, they take things of high energy and create low energy. In regards to the origins of life, the first cell is both highly ordered and high energy. Therefore a cell could never come about or be sustained naturally or without a creator.
  • DNA provides information in the same way that the letters on a page convey information. The idea of information cannot be made through natural properties as it is conceptual and can only be created through a mind, be it human or divine.

Brian admits that there are still questions he struggles with like the balance between free will and God’s sovereignty and the failings of the church in the past. He also urges us to not be indifferent to religion and to focus on proving to the world that God exists but showing that he has the power to transform lives and communities.

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