Caroline Jones talks about her life

Caroline Jones, Media Pioneer, on her Life & Spirituality

By Hope 103.2Friday 9 Dec 2016Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

Caroline Jones, AO, host of ABC TV’s Australian Story, has announced she is stepping aside from her role after 50 years at the national broadcaster.

The ABC’s director of news described Caroline as a trailblazer. “Caroline is simply a legend of Australian journalism, a trailblazer, an inspiration and a role model for so many women in the media.”

Caroline is a woman you could arguably call Australian media royalty. She first stepped into the spotlight of TV journalism in the 1960s, as the first woman reporter for This Day Tonight. She went on to be the presenter of programs like Four Corners, The Search for Meaning on ABC radio, and most recently, Australian Story.

She’s a Logie winner, a best-selling author, an Officer of the Order of Australia, and has even been named one of the Australia’s National Living Treasures (since 1997).

In 2009 Sheridan Voysey of the Open House program recorded a wonderful conversation Caroline, chatting about her career, her journey to the Catholic faith, and the grief she experienced losing her father.

Part of Caroline’s journey through grief involved her visiting a spirit medium—something she says she probably wouldn’t do again, but something she doesn’t particularly regret.

This was one of those interviews that posed the Open House team with a dilemma.

We gained an insight into the personal life of a deeply thoughtful and well-loved Australian woman.

Caroline’s experience with a spirit medium – a practice that the Bible teaches against – is in many peoples minds, antithetical to the Christian faith – the faith that is the foundational framework for the Open House program. This left the team needing to make a decision regarding what to do: edit the story out, and be seen as censoring our guest, or leave it in, and be seen as promoting unbiblical beliefs.

We decided in the end to let Caroline’s story stay in the interview, and allow it stimulate a discussion on the topic.

It was an honour to speak with Caroline and we gained an insight into the personal life of a deeply thoughtful and well-loved Australian woman. Catch the audio of the interview in the player above. We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.

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