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Jasper Jones:
60 Second Movie Review [video]

By Mark HadleyMonday 27 Feb 2017The Big Picture

14-year-old Charlie wakes up in the middle of the night with mixed-parentage Jasper Jones tapping on his window. The bookish Charlie is surprised to learn that Jasper needs his help. Town prejudices mean the aboriginal boy is likely to be accused of the murder of his girlfriend unless the pair can find out how her life came to an end.

60 Second Verdict: Jasper Jones from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

Rated: Jasper Jones is rated M for mature themes and coarse language

Audience: Older high-school students. There are a lot of serious issues in this story to grapple with: Racism, incest, adultery, murder, suicide, domestic violence and alcoholism to name a few.

What’s Good: Brilliant performances from Australian stars Toni Collette and Hugo Weaving, as well as a complex story about life in 1960s Australia.

What’s Not: There’s only one shade of racism on display here, and it happens to be white, and no Caucasian characters worth respecting. Even Charlie takes a long time to realise what he should do. There’s also a rather unfortunate continuation of Australian cinema’s negative perspective on country towns.

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Spiritually Speaking: One brilliant lesson worth taking away is that Charlie realises ideas and convictions aren’t in themselves brave. Courage only comes into being when we allow them to transform into actions.

Release Date: March 2

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