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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:
60 Second Movie Review

By Mark HadleyTuesday 2 May 2017The Big Picture

The Guardians of the Galaxy are back, and getting jobs based on being, the Guardians of the Galaxy. While doing a bad job ‘rescuing’ a superior race Peter Quinn / AKA Starlord (AKA Chris Pratt) is contacted by his long-lost father. ‘Ego’ is keen to make up for lost time it turns out, he’s a Celestial, who’s made his own planet and wants Peter to share it with him. But is this reunion just a little too convenient? Well, there wouldn’t be a movie if it wasn’t.

The Big Picture – 60 second verdict – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

RATED: The Guardians of the Galaxy is rated M for Science fiction themes and violence

AUDIENCE: The Guardians of the Galaxy is for anyone who loved the first one, as this VERY similar in style and comedy. It also has some coarse language though, so beware taking those with tender ears.

WHAT’S GOOD: Much of the same that made the first one so great – good action, funny characters, great music, a plot that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

WHAT’S NOT: See the above. It’s a little too like the first one, which means it will always come in second.

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SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 makes a big deal of family being what you make it – you can’t presume on blood or titles alone. This will come as a big boost for people in blended families who are trying to take on the role of a new ‘dad’ or ‘mum. On the downside, though, there’s a ‘god’ who has to be taken out because he wants to control everything and have it made in his image. Since he’s also a creator, it’s hard to miss the borrowed Christian symbolism.

RELEASE DATE: April 25, 2017

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