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A Date with Mister Maker Himself—And The Shapes

By Clare BruceTuesday 17 Jan 2017Hope Mornings

If you and your kids are diehard fans of the TV show Mister Maker, now you have a chance to see him in person: with his “Mister Maker and the Shapes” live show coming to the Enmore Theatre in Sydney.

The man behind Mister Maker, Phil Gallagher, chatted to Hope 103.2’s Katrina Roe this week, saying it was a lifelong dream come true to have his own TV show dedicated to art and craft.

“From a very young age I’ve always loved making things and also wanted to be a kids’ TV presenter from when I was really young,” he said. “So now to be doing both things as a job is literally a dream come true.”

Mister Maker Phil Gallagher performing in his live show

Above: Mister Maker and the Shapes in one of their live shows.

After studying at university he started his career in radio before moving into TV. He joked that splicing tapes was practise for his current role as a master craft-man.

“I absolutely loved radio,” he said. “I walked around with a huge tape machine recording interviews and I’d have to splice pieces of tape and literally sticky tape them together.

“All of that experience eventually led to me becoming Mister Maker.”

Children watching Mister Maker give a presentation

Above: Children watching Mister Maker give a presentation

Famous for the term Doodle Drawers – drawers of craft material kept aside for a rainy day – Phil said that he loves hearing that children and adults are inspired by the show.

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“We hear from grownups as well, who say that watching Mister Maker with their child gave them the confidence to be creative and make something, and that before they watched our show they didn’t think they were particularly arty or have the confidence to do it,” he said. “It makes us really proud.”

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