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The Garment Project:
Helping Women Recovering from Eating Disorders

By Duncan RobinsonThursday 4 May 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: Erin Drischler and Jordan Tomb talk about the Garment Project on Hope Breakfast.

For 14 years Erin Drischler struggled with an eating disorder. After a long and tumultuous recovery she faced one last daily battle: her wardrobe. A sea of memories and benchmarks that carried the history of her eating battle and a reminder of who she was, and not who she is now.

For many people recovering from an eating disorder, going shopping, trying on multiple sizes and being surrounded by mirrors is a challenging experience.

After struggling to deal with the costly and difficult decision to change her wardrobe and remove the bad memories associated with it, Erin and her fiance Jordan Tomb launched the Garment Project.

The Garment Project adopts unused clothing from major American department stores. They then remove the labels indicating size and make them available to people recovering from an eating disorder.

Sizes can vary from garment to garment, and rather than creating another label for a person to judge themselves by, they leverage actual dimensions and a colour chart to help people find the right outfit.

Erin and Jordan spoke to Hope 103.2’s Laura and Duncan about the project, which is a labour of love helping women who have been through just what Erin has experienced.

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