Colin Buchanan Makes Fun of Hope 103.2 Techie with Impromptu Song [Video]

By Caitlin OggTuesday 7 Mar 2017

In his typical larrikin style, Colin Buchanan whipped up a song poking fun at one of our tech guys, during his latest interview at Hope 103.2. 

While visiting the studio to promote his new album, Colin heard that video producer, Richard Hamwi, had fallen off his road bike while checking his mobile phone the previous day.

With a noticeable limp and bandages on his arms and legs, the injured Richard got Colin thinking, and out came his catchy tune.

It’s a good warning not to tell embarrassing stories around Colin Buchanan—and Richard (seen laughing with embarrassment) definitely won’t forget that.

Colin’s Latest Song: ‘Richard Fell Off His Bike’

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