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Whether still at work, heading out, or having a night in, more Sydneysiders are making the switch to Nights on Hope 103.2. Offering a zesty style, including movie reviews and band interviews, while making sure the issues of the day are well and truly tackled, offering a fun and friendly finish to the day. The show’s energy, positivity and enthusiasm are what keeps listeners tuned in long after dinnertime.

About Dan Jones

I was born in Bankstown around a lot of multiculturalism and EPIC kebabs. I did community radio for free at a bunch of stations in Sydney, one of which banned me for prank calling people. When I was 21, I decided to do a road trip around Outback NSW with a dodgy as radio demo trying to get a paid announcer job. Dubbo took pity on me in the end, and I packed my bags for my first paid job at 2DU in Dubbo, then it was StarFM Dubbo, then off to HotFM Townsville.

After this, I got a gig at Hit104.7 in Canberra as their arvo’s announcer where I at one point rated higher than any other locally produced weekday program. This has never occurred before in the nation’s capital from that time-slot and has never occurred since. It meant some weird radio stunts to get those ratings though… some of which I have been told I’m not allowed to put in this bio.

After a few years in Canberra I returned to Sydney to study, I ended up with a degree, and I now study Psychology, which is eye opening. However, apparently, you need to know a lot about statistics, which isn’t great for me as I dropped maths in Year 10.

For fun I play soccer for Panania RSL in the Bankstown competition, I’m not very good, I managed to score a goal last year and sadly got a red card for accidentally doing a handball in the goal mouth, it was definitely a reflex, but the referee didn’t see it that way.

I’m a massive radio nerd and listen to heaps of shows when I’m not at Hope. I also have a secret shame in loving professional wrestling clips mainly old episodes of WWE Raw and WCW Monday Nitro; I never got over it when it was cool 15 years ago. I also volunteer as a tutor and mentor through a Chaplaincy at a Juvenile Justice Centre in Sydney; it’s heaps of fun and a massive kick to see people overcome adversity and trouble in their lives.

It’s cool to be able to come back home to Sydney doing the night show on Hope 103.2. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to combine my love of radio and my faith and I’m glad to have the opportunity to do that on nights. That’s enough about me I’d love to hear from you, feel free to hit me up about anything you like, or anything you hear on the show.

My email is, and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram @itsdanjones (p.s. you can also find me on the Playstation Network @itsdanjones if you want to have a game or two of something flick me an add)

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