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Breakfast with Laura and Duncan

About Breakfast with Laura and Duncan

From 6 am Hope 103.2 starts every weekday with a ‘healthy’ breakfast filled with upbeat family fun and loads of useful news and information. Covering everything from world affairs to crazy radio competitions, this is the breakfast show that promises to bring a positive start to every workday.

About Laura Bennett

After winning a Hope 103.2 competition to become our Breakfast Team’s Apprentice, Laura interned with Hope 103.2 while finishing her media degree.
Soon after graduation, Laura stepped into the role as Nights host, bringing her energetic enthusiasm and positivity to your weekday evenings. Now completing her journalism Master’s, Laura’s passion for media spills over into regular film reviews, writing for The Connect Press, and self-publishing with her first book ‘Live Your Dream’ reaching #1.

About Duncan Robinson

Duncan as spent the last 15 years planting churches both locally and overseas and is husband to Carly, and Dad to young Ruby and Max. He has presented a devotional TV series on US TV and authored two books (Unlikely Hero and Vanguard), likes updating his blog while brewing Kombucha, and seamlessly integrates his Masters in Divinity with his Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu.

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