Staff – Hope 103.2


Hope 103.2 Chief Executive Officer Phillip Randall leads a talented and dedicated staff from around the country, many of them coming from the commercial and national radio sectors.

In addition to our staff, Hope 103.2 has a loyal team of volunteers helping both on-air and with administration work.

Phillip Randall - CEOAbout Phillip Randall
Phillip was appointed CEO of Hope 103.2 in 1999 and has overseen major changes to programming, staff and facilities. He has more than 40 years experience in radio broadcasting, in both commercial and community radio.

From 1999 to 2006 Phillip was President of Christian Media Australia and is currently President of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) and Chair of the Digital Radio Consultative Committee of the CBAA.

Under the leadership of CEO Phillip Randall, staff are:

Ally Barnes  – Breakfast Producer & Video Producer
Andrew Mihaleff  – Account Manager
Andrew Morris  – Manager Online / Presenter
Annie Rinaudo Open House Producer
Anthony Eden  – Technical Assistant
Claire Lyte-Mason  – Traffic / Scheduler
Clare Bruce  – Journalist / Online Content Producer
Daniel Frendo  – Supporter Services Coordinator
Dan Jones  – Presenter
Duncan Robinson  – Presenter
Gayle Hardiman  – Sales Executive
Graeme Burrill  – Presenter
Graham Hasler  – Manager – Key Relationships
Jorgie Jenkins  – Presenter
Joshua Berry  – Production Assistant
Justin Kendall  – Community Relations Manager
Katrina Roe Presenter
Laura Bennett  – Presenter
Linda Lou  – Community Relations Assistant
Natalie Bennett  – Events and Promotions Coordinator
Lynelle Micati  – Finance Manager
Pat Waddington  – Administrative Officer
Phil McNab  – Creative Director
Phillip Randall  – Chief Executive Officer
Ramona Ishac  – Group Sales Manager
Ray Kington  – Presenter
Richard Hamwi  – Audio / Video Producer
Sam Robinson  – Presenter
Shelley Edwards  – Sales Co-ordinator
Stephen O’Doherty Open House Presenter & Executive Producer
Stephen Wilkinson  – Technical Operations Manager
Tom Ford  – Music Director / Imaging Producer
Travis Keyser  – Account Manager
U-don Ngiam  – Account Manager